1999 Christmas Letter

This was somewhat of a takeoff on the 1991 “assemble your own Christmas letter.” And it kind of gets back to the root of why I created this mess in the first place. The most annoying Christmas letters are formulaic and grandiose. This letter is about as formulaic and grandiose as you can get.

I also revisited the trusty top 10 list. There was no threatened litigation the first time I used it so I went for it again. I have my occasional bold living-on-the-edge moments.

To my knowledge, no one used this to create their own Christmas letter. Perhaps they have more common sense than I had thought.

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1999 Christmas Open Me First_Page_1

1999 Christmas Open Me First_Page_2

1999 Christmas Letter_Page_1

1999 Christmas Letter_Page_2

1999 Christmas Letter_Page_3

1999 Christmas Letter_Page_4

1999 Christmas Letter_Page_5

1999 Christmas Letter_Page_6

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