2004 Christmas Letter

Another website and another stolen concept. This one is a takeoff on Where’s Waldo. I graduated from Microsoft’s FrontPage and a brief stint with HotDog to Dreamweaver as my tool of choice for creating websites. I found a large Waldo picture somewhere on the web and created a whole bunch of hotspots scattered randomly around the picture. The idea was to find the 2004 Christmas letter. Clicking on a hotspot typically resulted in some sort of chastisement for the victim. That was fun.

None of the victims reported finding the letter. Good thing as there wasn’t one.

As with the previous website letter, I have included a zipped ISO file for you to download should you feel the need.

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2004 Christmas Letter CD Label

2004 Christmas Letter Introduction

2004 Christmas Letter

Click here for a PDF version

Click here to download a zipped ISO so you can burn your very own copy onto a CD