2000 Christmas Letter

I had fun with this one. It’s a complete website that contains all the essential annoyances like animated GIFs and cheesy MIDI music (it doesn’t get much better than Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer). Unlike websites of the day with similar features, I included them specifically to be annoying (do you sense a pattern here?).

I spent real money to produce this thing. I purchased a Java-based menu applet that I later used to create our church’s first website. And I purchased the applet that displays falling snow against a winter background while simultaneously playing a MIDI sound loop and scrolling some very clever text. The screenshot shows me confessing to stealing code. That’s not true…I just thought it would be funny to say so.

It was delivered on a CD-ROM that auto-started. I wasn’t sure how many of the victims had the ability to view it but I didn’t care.

I included the zipped ISO file of the entire website. If you are so inclined, you can download it, unzip it, and burn the ISO to a CD (you’ll need a program like ImgBurn). You may have to install or enable Java for it to work properly. Don’t know how it will work on a Mac or Linux box…sorry.

Click here to download a zipped ISO

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2000 Christmas Letter

Click here for a PDF version of the home page