2009 Christmas Letter

My next focus was the political blog. Poor Michelle…she did nothing to me to deserve this. She just happened to be among the more vocal bloggers.

It’s just a fictitious blog chronicling life at TCLCYC. There are some truthful sections, however. I really did find a typo in a Lenny’s menu. And I really haven’t been back since but not because of a restraining order…their subs were too expensive and I liked Quiznos better but I didn’t think that was particularly funny. And I really have read five books on Enron (which should provide some insight on just how boring I can be to talk to). The original picture I took had only four books until I realized I had read a fifth. And seriously, don’t ask me about mark-to-market accounting. Very annoying.

I also included a priceless picture of one of my all-time favorite targets, Al Gore. To balance it out, I had to include the other mascot, Janeane Garafalo. I enjoyed her movies but after hearing her on Air America, I knew she needed to be included here.

Oh…I now have four hammers and two iPhones (and an iPad…and two iMacs…and two MacBooks…and one extra squirrel).

That should make more sense after you read the stupid letter (if it doesn’t then I have succeeded…but if it does then the terrorists have won).

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