2001 Christmas Letter

2001 was a little bizarre…even for me. I remember going to one of the local office supply stores (OfficeMax or Office Depot…they are all the same) and looking at the specialty printer paper. They had iron-on decals and these strange clear plastic window decals. Iron-on decals had been done before (years ago one of my siblings gave me underwear onto which was ironed a family picture…proof that I am not alone in my weirdness) so I opted for the window decal. The theory being this decal along with a special cable would turn an ordinary window into a large Internet browser. Considering today’s 80” wide screen LCD displays, I was really ahead of my time.

Note the lack of TCLCYC. It hadn’t become a staple yet. But you will frequently see reference to a company called “miT Productions” (or a similar variation). That’s Tim spelled backwards in case you didn’t notice. It dates back to my time in Kindergarten where I learned to write. Being left-handed, I rationalized that if I write with the opposite hand from my classmates, it would stand to reason that I should write in the opposite direction as well. It seemed highly logical to me at the time. Even though it remains logical, apparently I was wrong. I now write using the more socially acceptable direction of left to right.

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2001 Christmas Letter Instructions

2001 Christmas Letter

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